Beach hut for sale: Hut 12 (NO. 12)

Reference: 5093


Town: Weymouth, Dorset
Location: Chesil Beach


Description: UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY. USP As far as the eye can see all around you. It feels like 'yours!' If you want a unique "away from it all" spot in a beautiful tranquil location, then our hut will live up to your expectation. 'At one with nature' an experience amongst the natural habitat of Chesil Beach. 15 years ago we bought it as a tin shack fisherman's hut just for the wonderful location. We completely rebuilt it and it serves as an idyllic bolt hole. Lying alongside the Fleet Lagoon, the Chesil Bank rises behind and you reach the top and have a panoramic view of the sea. The beaches may be packed in Weymouth, but you reach the top of the spit and it feels like your very own. The Lagoon is lovely for messing about in boats and swimming. The hut is equipped for short overnight intervals, ideally for 2, but can be varied. Has cupboards and drawers and cupboards. There is a pantry cupboard. There is a tap for rainwater in the kitchenette area for washing up. We use bottled water for drinking and cooking. Also a generator and portable loo area. The hut may be reached from Chesil Beach Café and Car Park, walking straight along for 30-40 minutes. Either by trekking at low level at the side of the lagoon, or along the top of the Chesil bank with open sea, or a mix of both! You decide how long you need to park your car in Chesil Car Park, and can easily be extended by mobile from the hut. We ourselves usually boat up from Ferrybridge or across the Lagoon to reach the hut - 5-10 minutes. There is a boat dock on the other side of the Lagoon opposite the hut, reached via the coastal path. We found it a great privilege to occupy such a unique position. Bird watchers would be in their element,and the night sky on clear nights are bejewelled. It is not unusual to spot hares scampering across the pebbles in and out the cans/dunes. The price asked for is IRO. Offers welcome. Please note because of its uniqueness hiring out is not permitted ('The Isle and Royal Manor of Portland') We'll be down there soon if you want to say Hello!

Asking Price

£45000    (2020/06/21)


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